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The ADSL Speeds website is for users to learn more about broadband and the technology that has shaped the world we live in. If your circumstances permit, your broadband can either be very fast, or may be very slow. Run a free ADSL speed test to see if your internet service provider (ISP) is serving you the speeds they have advertised. To get started, hit the Begin Test button and let the tool run its scan. The results will show you the internet download and upload figures of your connection. Because no two tests will be the same, run numerous internet speed tests throughout the day and week to obtain your average adsl connection figure. Mini requires at least version 8 of Flash. Please update your client.

Do you have fast internet speeds but a slow computer? If so, you’ll need to test your PC for bugs and errors which are the likely cause for slow performance..It’s important that your PC or Laptop is performing at its best to make the most of your broadband connection. For example, there’s no point having 40mb fibre optic broadband if your computer cant load the pages fast enough or keep up with your rapid browsing pace; kind of like watching a Blu Ray disc on an old black and white TV – its wasted potential.

Causes Of Slow Internet

Because of all the different variables and pieces of equipment involved in providing an internet service to the consumer, its hard to tell the causes of slow internet¬†when you’re experiencing¬†degraded connectivity.

Slow InternetIn the simplest form, imagine your ISP provides superfast internet connectivity to your house via the telephone exchange; when it reaches your house you still have to consider the the distance it has traveled (quite literally) from the exchange. The further your property is from the exchange the slower your connection will be. Once it reaches your main telecomms box inside your premises you need to consider all the filters in use. Are they good quality? Are they old? Are they damaged in any way? You’ll also need to consider if your broadband router is plugged into the main telecomms box without having to go through numerous extensions. If you have any extensions running off the main box and the home router is 2 or 3 lines away, then your quality of signal will deteriorate and cause unstable lines or latency. Lastly, makes sure your router is a good quality one and within a couple years old. Reasons for this is for example if you have an old wi fi router that is only wireless 802.11 a/b/g compatible, you will be losing out on wireless 802.11 n which is a much faster connection.

Tips For Faster Internet

The obvious steps to increase your speed would be to ensure you tackle the actual causes listed above. This includes the below:

  • Fast InternetReplace any old or damaged adsl filters with new ones. They are the cheapest option and easily available.
  • Ensure your broadband router is plugged into the main telephone communications box directly, and not via telephone extensions.
  • Reboot the router occasionally, once per fortnight should be fine.
  • If you are tech savvy, try updating the router’s firmware.
  • You could try upgrading your wi fi router, they are cheap enough nowadays. See our best wireless router reviews for help on choosing one.
  • If you’re using wireless connectivity you can try moving around for best signal. If this fails and you have dead spots around the premises you should consider a buying a repeater. Check our wi fi repeater reviews for more information.
  • If you’re still unsatisfied, contact your ISP, they should at least run checks on the line or raise a fault ticket for further investigation.

Upgrading Computer Equipment

When it comes to buying any IT equipment its important to make the right choice because sometimes kit can be expensive, and if you make the wrong purchase it can affect your network, which could even be business critical. We have chosen some of the best products of 2014 and summarized reviews to help you buy the right hardware for your small office or home.

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